Distingushed Lecture

Our chapter organized lecture or talk that relates to Antenna & Propagation, Microwave and EMC.

2018 Lectures

Date EVENT Speaker/Venue
1 07-01-18 DLT AP-S: Massive MIMO for 5G Wireless Communications Prof. Dr. Buon Kiong Lau/UTM
2 08-10-18 DML MTT-S: Automotive Radar-A signal Processing Perspective on Current Technology and Future Systems Dr. Markus Gardill / UTEM
3 10-12-18 DLT: Overview of Electromagnetic Capability R&D capability at the UK National Physical Laboratory Prof. Loh Tiong Loh/UTHM
4 26-12-18 DLT: Physics based modelling of Experimental Data Encountered in Cellular Wireless Communication Prof Tarpan Sarkar/UNIMAP
5 26-12-18 DLT: Measurement of Radiated Field from Transmitting Antennas Located in Various Environment Prof Dr Monai Krairiksh/UNIMAP
6 24-01-18 CST Seminar: Antennas and its Interaction with Human Body AP Dr. Azremi Abdullah Al-Hadi/UNIMAP
7 08-02-18 IOT Talk: Antenna Design for IoT Wireless Applications By Using CST Ts. Dr. Ahmad Azlan Bin Ab Aziz/PSA
8 06-03-18 Antenna Technology: A Perspective On Past Present And Future Prof Dr. Mohd Kamal/UTM
9 29-08-18 Publication in High Impact Journals: Insights and Strategies Workshop AP Dr. Mohd Haizal/UTM
10 12-09-18 Strategies To Publish in High Impact Journals AP Dr. Mohd Haizal/UNIMAP
11 24-10-18 IOT Talk: 5G And Embedded Antenna Technologies Toward The Development Of Iot In Medical Electronics Application Ts. Dr. Ahmad Azlan Bin Ab Aziz/PSA
12 02-11-18 FYP Talk: LTE 4G Experience and Sharing Ir Azah Syafiah Mohd Marzuki/UNIMAP